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Regional Resources

DEP's Regional Offices are responsible for implementing department programs through permitting, inspection, enforcement, and other field services for environmental and public health protection; program and technical support to Pennsylvania's 66 conservation districts; and compliance assistance to our regulated community. In addition, staff in the regional offices provide assistance to the public in the form of emergency response, disaster recovery, pollution prevention, and energy assistance and complaint response.

The regional offices directly implement the Air Quality, Environmental Cleanup and Brownfields, Radiation Protection, Waste Management, Watershed Conservation and Restoration, Clean Water, Waterways and Wetlands, and Safe Drinking Water Programs. Each regional field office is structured in the same manner to consistently implement these programs and services statewide. Additionally, the regional offices provide support services to the Active and Abandoned Mining Operations and Oil and Gas Management programs. 

In 2019, DEP launched the Regional Permit Coordination Office (RPCO). This move addressed a need to establish a centralized entity to provide Chapter 102/105 permitting functions for certain large and complex projects and to provide statewide technical support and coordination. Visit the RPCO website for more details.

DEP Regional Offices Map