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Recycling and Waste Reduction

Statewide recycling began in Pennsylvania in 1988 with the passage of the Municipal Waste Planning Recycling and Waste Reduction Act (Act 101) that requires larger municipalities to recycle.

Today, more than 11.6 million residents – at least 94 percent of the state’s population – have access to recycling. About 79 percent have convenient access to recycling thanks to approximately 1,050 curbside pickup programs. And 870 drop-off programs extend recycling to Pennsylvania’s rural communities.

The act established a $2-per-ton fee on all waste disposed at municipal waste landfills and waste-to-energy facilities, and established grants for local collection programs, public education, materials processing, composting facilities, and equipment and technical training. The fee generates approximately $48 million annually which is used to support waste reduction, recycling and planning in the Commonwealth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I recycle my used electronics?
  • For a list of electronics collection facility locations, click here. To see if your community has any upcoming one-day electronics collection events, click here. To see if your community has a curbside collections program, click here. To reach DEP’s toll-free Recycling Hotline, please call 1-800-346-4242.
Where can I recycle my old household chemicals?
  • To see if your community has any upcoming one-day household hazardous waste collection events, click here. To see if your community has a household hazardous waste curbside collection programs, click here. If no services are available in your area, please contact your county recycling coordinator.
Does my community have a curbside recycling program?
  • Please contact your local hauler or municipality for specific information regarding your curbside recycling program.
How do I contact my county recycling coordinator?
  • You can contact your county recycling coordinator by using the information at this link. Scroll down to “Recycling Coordinators by County,” then click on the “Select County” box and select your county from the list. The coordinator’s information will appear. For most counties, there is a link available to the county website with recycling information. Or use the drop-down information to contact your coordinator directly by phone or by e-mail.
Am I eligible for a recycling grant?
  • Section 901 & 903 grants are available to PA counties only. Section 902 & 904 grants are available to PA municipalities only. The Food Recovery Infrastructure Grant is available to PA non-profit organizations only. No grants are available to private citizens. For more information on recycling grants, click here.
What materials can be recycled?
  • Please visit RecycleSearch to search for the recycling of specific materials at recycling/composting facilities near you.
Where can I dispose of my bulky items?