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Radon Division

The Radon Division helps to ensure public health and safety by increasing public and professional awareness of radon and its health risks within the Commonwealth.

The division administers a certification program for radon testing, mitigation and laboratory analysis individuals and firms.

The division provides an extensive amount of expert information to the general public on all matters related to radon. Also, assistance is provided to homeowners, builders and institutions for the monitoring and mitigation of radon.

Pennsylvania has one of the most serious radon problems in the country. An estimated 40 percent of Pennsylvania homes have radon levels above Environmental Protection Agency's action guideline of 4 picocuries per liter.

Radon: It's radioactive and it's real

New: Our Re-entrainment Study is now available for review. Re-entrainment Final Report August 2021 (PDF)

This radon mitigation diagnostic video is aimed at our certified radon mitigation contractors. The premise of the video is learning how to install an active radon mitigation system, what to do with your post-test once it is returned, and what to do if the range is above 4 pCi/L. This technical video will go through various steps and diagnostics to assist you with any issues that occur. Please note this video is eight hours in length. Passcode is %=xy2#8N.

Contact the Radon Division:

Radon Hotline: 800-237-2366
Phone: 717-783-3594

Email: Please see DEP's contact page
Fax: 717-783-8965

For hospitals only—to request the booklet “New Parent’s Edition Citizens Guide to Radon”  hospitals may email their request and address to our resource account