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Radiation Protection Programs

DEP's Bureau of Radiation Protection directs the statewide radiation protection program with the goal of protecting the citizens of the Commonwealth from unnecessary exposure to radiation. This includes policy, technical, and fiscal management for the program areas of: radioactive material, radiation producing machines, radon, nuclear safety, low-level radioactive waste, emergency response, and decommissioning and environmental surveillance. The office ensures central and regional staff communicate uniformly and implement and effectively support statewide program activities such as licensing, registration, certification and inspections.

The Commonwealth has temporarily closed all offices due to the COVID-19 virus. As such there may be delays in processing your invoices, registrations, and certifications. Please continue to submit all required paperwork before your expiration occurs. The Department will note these as being timely filed and your current radioactive materials license, accelerator license, radiation-producing machine registration, or radon certification will remain in effect until we are able to issue your new document.

In light of the ongoing developments resulting from the COVID-19, DEP Bureau of Radiation Protection will be utilizing an alternate telework plan on a temporary basis.

For inquiries related to radioactive material and radiation-producing machines, please contact John Chippo at 717-602-6791.

For inquiries related to radioactive materials licensing actions regarding Pennsylvania specific and general licenses, please contact Joshua Myers at or at 717-787-2208.

For inquiries related to radioactive materials licensing actions regarding Pennsylvania Reciprocity licenses, these submissions can be directed to our resource account at

For inquiries related to home testing for radon, please contact Denise Bleiler at 717-678-5442.

For inquiries related to radon certification, please contact Maria Coons at 717-425-0776.

For nuclear power plant or other radiological emergencies, please contact PEMA at 717-651-2001.