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Bureau of Radiation Protection

The Bureau of Radiation Protection's (BRP) mission is to ensure that public, occupational and environmental exposure to radiation from man-made and controllable natural sources is as low as reasonably achievable.

BRP manages the regulation and inspection of users of radiation sources throughout Pennsylvania. It performs nuclear safety reviews while evaluating nuclear power plants and oversees an emergency radiation response program. It implements a statewide radon program by increasing public and professional awareness of radon and its health risks. Since 2008, BRP licenses and inspects users of radioactive materials as part of an agreement with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. It also licenses and/or registers all radiation-producing machines in Pennsylvania. The bureau performs technical reviews of decontamination and decommissioning activities for radioactive materials licensees and oversees a comprehensive environmental radiation monitoring program.

The Radiation Protection Act

  • Decommissioning & Environmental Surveillance Division

    This division performs oversight of numerous facility and site cleanups in the state. This division also carries out the environmental monitoring around nuclear facilities and subsequent laboratory sample analysis.

  • Nuclear Safety Division

    This division conducts an oversight review program for nuclear power sites in Pennsylvania. It also monitors the management and disposal of low-level radioactive waste in Pennsylvania and provides planning and support for response to incidents involving nuclear power plants and/or radioactive materials in Pennsylvania.

  • Radiation Control Division

    This division licenses facilities in Pennsylvania that possess radioactive material and facilities possessing accelerators. It also registers facilities possessing radiation-producing machines and vendors/service providers. The contracted U.S. Food and Drug Administration mammography inspection program is also managed by this division.

  • Radon Division

    This division improves public health and safety by increasing public and professional awareness of radon and its health risks by public outreach and administration of a certification program for radon testing, mitigation and laboratory analysis firms and individuals.


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