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Contact Information

The Office of the Director

Dwight A. Shearer, PE

PA DEP - Bureau of Radiation Protection
P.O. Box 8469
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8469

Phone: 717-787-2480
Fax: 717-783-8965

Office Address:
Rachel Carson State Office Building
400 Market Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101

Division Contacts

Decommissioning & Environmental Surveillance Division: 717-787-2480
Bryan Werner

Radiation Control Division: 717-787-3720
John Chippo

Nuclear Safety Division: 717-787-2163
David Baracco

Radon Division: 717-783-3594
Robert Lewis

Radon Division Hotline: 800-237-2366 (Pennsylvania only)

Southeast Region Office (Norristown)

Southeast Regional Office also serves Northeastern Region
Southeast Region Office Radiation Protection: 484-250-5900
Southeast Region Office Fax: 484-250-5951

South-central Region Office (Harrisburg)

South-central Regional Office also serves North-central Region
South-central Region Radiation Protection: 717-705-4700
South-central Region Office Fax: 717-705-4930

Southwest Region Office (Pittsburgh)

Southwest Regional Office also serves Northwest Region
Southwest Region Office Radiation Protection: 412-442-4000
Southwest Region Office Fax: 412-442-5246

Please use our New Resource account listed below to ask many of your Radiation Protection questions.

The following subject line TAGS will better serve to route your question(s) to the appropriate staff.

XR Invoice – Registration #
XR Certificates – Registration #
XR New Registration –
XR Registration Update-Registration #
XR Terminations – Registration #
XR Account Changes – Registration #

Accelerator Licenses/ Amendment – License #

RAM Licensing – License #
RAM New License –
RAM License Amend – License #
RAM License Term – License #
RAM License Transfer of Control – License #
RAM License Invoice – License #

Incident or Event Notification – Registration / License #
General –
Regulation Question – Registration/License #
Vendor – Registration #