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Contact Information

The Office of the Director

David J. Allard, CHP

PA DEP - Bureau of Radiation Protection
P.O. Box 8469
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8469

Phone: 717-787-2480
Fax: 717-783-8965

Office Address:
Rachel Carson State Office Building
400 Market Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101

Division Contacts

Decommissioning & Environmental Surveillance Division: 717-425-5361
Bryan Werner

Radiation Control Division: 717-787-3720
John Chippo

Nuclear Safety Division: 717-787-2147
Wade DeHaas, Acting

Radon Division: 717-783-3594
Robert Lewis
Radon Division Hotline: 800-237-2366 (Pennsylvania only)

Southeast Region Office (Norristown)

Southeast Regional Office also serves Northeastern Region
Southeast Region Office Radiation Protection: 484-250-5950
Southeast Region Office Fax: 484-250-5951

South-central Region Office (Harrisburg)

South-central Regional Office also serves North-central Region
South-central Region Radiation Protection: 717-705-4700
South-central Region Office Fax: 717-705-4930

Southwest Region Office (Pittsburgh)

Southwest Regional Office also serves Northwest Region
Southwest Region Office Radiation Protection: 412-442-4000
Southwest Region Office Fax: 412-442-5246