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DEP Newsroom

General Phone: (717) 787-1323

The DEP Communications department is ready to serve news media and researchers with inquiries, file reviews, and Right-to-Know Law requests. Please see the links below for more information. 


Central Office Contacts

Director of Communications
Neil Shader

Press Secretary
Jamar Thrasher

Press Assistant
Odessa Meredith

Deputy Communications Director
Deborah Klenotic

Digital Director
Michelle DiNicola

Deputy Digital Director
Gregory Lenahan

Administrative Assistant
Darek Jagiela

Community Relations Coordinators

Southwest Regional Office
Lauren Fraley

South-central Regional Office
John Repetz

Southeast Regional Office
Virginia Nurk

Northeast Regional Office
Colleen Connolly

North-central Regional Office
Megan Lehman

Northwest Regional Office
Thomas Decker