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Construction Contracts

The Construction Contracts Section issues and manages Environmental Remediation Construction Contracts which consist of the following: Abandoned Mine Reclamation, Acid Mine Drainage, Surface Mine Reclamation, Cleaning Out and Plugging Oil and Gas Wells, Waterways Engineering (Concrete Dams/Concrete Line Channels, Walls and Box Culverts, etc.), Hazardous Site Remediation, Removal and Disposal of Underground Storage Tanks, and Wetland Restoration bid opportunities for the Department of Environmental Protection.
The following links will provide important information regarding bid opportunities:
Bid Opportunities - This link lists all Bid Opportunities that are currently available.
*PLEASE NOTE* Ordering paper Bid Documents and Drawings from Construction Contracts will no longer be an option for all projects issued on or after DECEMBER 30, 2016. Bid Documents and Drawings will only be available for free download at
Please note that Addenda will be posted to the webpage at any time prior to Bid Opening.  It is the bidder's responsibility to monitor the website for any addenda to the Bid Document.  Bidders will not receive individual notification of issued addenda.  Failure to include addenda with the bid may cause your bid to be rejected.
NOTE: The Auto-Cad Map 3D 2009 Format is for informational purposes only; the drawings in PDF format are the official documents to be used for bidding purposes.  Printed copies of the digital contract drawings may depict skewed drawing scales and other inaccuracies due to variations in plotters, paper type, etc.  The contractor shall verify drawing and scale accuracy prior to bidding and notify the Department of any errors that may affect the bid.
Bid Opening Results (PDF) - This link provides the three lowest responsive and responsible bidders for each project at each bid opening.
Abstract of Bids - This link provides detailed pricing of all bids accepted for each project.  Abstract of Bids will not be available until after award of the contract.
Awards & Notices to Proceed (PDF) - This link lists all awarded contractors, the date of the award, and the date of the notice to proceed.
General Conditions for Construction (PDF) - This link provides all rules and regulations for Environmental Remediation Construction Contracts.

Note: New contractors interested in bidding must be a registered vendor with the Commonwealth of PA. Contractors may visit to register for a Commonwealth Vendor ID Number.


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