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Secretary Patrick McDonnell and Executive Deputy Secretary Ramez Ziadeh

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On May 23, 2017, DEP sent letters to each member of Pennsylvania's congressional delegation warning them of the impacts of the proposed cuts in the Trump administration FY 2018 budget proposal. The letters were sent to each Representative and Senator individually. Examples of these letters are below.

May 9, 2017

April 26, 2017

April 6, 2017

March 28, 2017

Statement Regarding President Trump's Executive Order on Climate Change
The changing climate is the most significant environmental threat facing the world, and emissions from the United States are a significant cause. Pennsylvania has already experienced a long-term warming of nearly two degrees over the past century, and this trend is expected to accelerate. Today's Executive Order from President Trump is disappointing because it signals a shift away from addressing the very real problem of climate change. Pennsylvania is already seeing the effects of climate change on our economy and our environment as higher monthly average temperatures, more extreme storm events, and other signs of climate change are already being observed in the state. Ignoring the problem will only make conditions worse for our communities and economy and environment in the future.

As a state, Pennsylvania has already seen a decrease in carbon emissions from power plants in part to the shift to cleaner forms of energy, such as natural gas and the focus on energy efficiency. Despite the President's action, the Department of Environmental Protection will continue to pursue ways to reduce our state's greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change, because it is a problem that faces us all today.

Further information about climate change in Pennsylvania can be found here:

February 27, 2017