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Energy Programs Office (EPO)

DEP's Energy Programs Office (EPO) is the State Energy Office. We assist, educate and encourage Pennsylvanians to advance conservation and efficient use of diverse energy resources to provide a healthier environment and greater energy security for our future generations. We are responsible for monitoring fuel supplies and infrastructure to safeguard Pennsylvanians during energy emergencies. Check out our Business Energy pages for more information on our work.

Energy Data and Maps

Do you want to know what your impact is on the environment? Visit our Energy Data and Maps page for more information about alternative fueling sites, Combined Heat and Power (CHP), solar and wind projects as well as energy generation and consumption information and ways to help the environment.

Home Heating, Efficiency, and Conservation

Are you prepared for the heating season? Is your home as energy efficient as it can be? Did you know there is a logical order, based on building science principles, to making your home more efficient? No-cost behavior changes, like turning out the lights and not standing in front of the fridge with the door open, and low-cost do it yourself energy measures or hiring an energy professional can save energy, money, and the environment.


Were you aware that 23.1% of the energy consumed in PA is in the transportation sector? Make some changes in your travel to be more cost and fuel efficient, identify alternative transportation options and find applicable financial programs.



Renewable Energy

Are you interested in renewable energy like solar and wind as an environmentally friendly way to generate electricity once your home is energy efficient?



Teachers and Students

Are you interested in learning about energy data, curriculum and other resources? We often work closely with schools and hope you find this helpful.