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Report an Emergency

PA DEP Emergency Response Program

The Department of Environmental Protection's mission during emergencies and disasters is to respond quickly and professionally to any incident which adversely affects the health and safety or the environment of the citizens of the Commonwealth. First on-scene is usually the Environmental Emergency Response Team, whose members are highly trained, experienced emergency first responders.

An environmental emergency is a situation requiring an immediate response. This may include discoloration of a waterway, a fish kill, spilled material, or other situation threatening public health and safety or the environment in some way that must be addressed in real time.

Emergency Response Hotline

DEP maintains a 24 hour emergency response hotline with Duty Officers on call in each DEP Regional Office for dispatching response personnel to emergency and incidents within DEP purview. To report an environmental emergency, please call:


To submit an environmental complaint, please fill out our online Environmental Complaint Form.