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How to Informally Request Information or Records from DEP


DEP has extensive public information either readily available on the DEP's website or located at more then 20 offices throughout the Commonwealth. It is easy to access this information often times without filing a Right-To-Know Law (RTKL) request. DEP strongly encourages the public to review the website for information or contact the appropriate office for a general file review. Documentation that is reviewed/copied during a file review generally does not differ in quality or quantity from a RTKL request. Also, a file review does not preclude an individual from subsequently filing a RTKL request.

General File Review

The quickest and easiest way to review DEP records is to call the appropriate regional file room and schedule a file review. A field program list is below. DEP typically fulfills such requests by scheduling file reviews within three weeks. A file review may provide access to the information you seek without having to utilize the RTKL. If you do not know exactly what documents you are looking for, a general review of the Department's files regarding the matter of concern is recommended.

Available Records

The extensive range of records DEP routinely provides access to for public inspection include: notifications, inspection reports, notices of violation, enforcement orders, applications, permit review letters, sample results, remediation plans, progress reports, monitoring reports, permits, approvals, denials, public comments, civil penalty assessments, consent orders, closure reports, pollution prevention plans, monitoring well records, and external correspondence. Personal identification information within these records will be made available to the public unless the person providing that information requests that it be treated as confidential. Documents that are exempted as public records under the RTKL are also not available for inspection during a file review.

Field Programs List - Listing of Programs and their Locations

General Questions:

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General questions on programs, issues and other matters of environmental interest. 

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DEP News Room:

Information related to press releases, advisories, alerts, and more.

Public Participation Center:

Information related to proposed DEP regulations, policies, proposals open for public comment, final published documents and environmental legislation now in the General Assembly.

Permits / Facilities:

Information related to permit issuance, inspections, pollution prevention visits on specific companies you can often find what you need on Efacts.