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​​Flood Protection

The Flood Protection Program responds to requests from municipalities, state and federal legislators, county and state government officials and private residents to investigate flood problems within Pennsylvania and determine the feasibility of providing solutions to these flood problems. The program evaluates long term structural solutions to a community's flood problem by assessing the magnitude and frequency of flooding, performing a hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, evaluating flood control alternatives, estimating construction costs, assessing environmental impacts, performing an economic analysis to determine a benefit/cost ratio, determining local sponsor responsibilities, and if appropriate, preparing project design for construction. Types of flood protection projects include but are not limited to: concrete channels, concrete floodwalls, compacted earthen levees, channel improvements or a combination of a number of these types of alternatives. The main objective of the program is to minimize property damage and the possibility of loss of life. Additionally, the Flood Protection Program manages the inspection and rehabilitation of completed Commonwealth flood control projects within Pennsylvania.

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