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Oil and Gas Programs

DEP's Office of Oil and Gas Management is responsible for the statewide oil and gas conservation and environmental programs to facilitate the safe exploration, development, recovery of Pennsylvania's oil and gas reservoirs in a manner that will protect the commonwealth's natural resources and the environment. The office develops policy and programs for the regulation of oil and gas development and production pursuant to the Oil and Gas Act, the Coal and Gas Resource Coordination Act, and the Oil and Gas Conservation Law; oversees the oil and gas permitting and inspection programs; develops statewide regulation and standards; conducts training programs for industry; and works with the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission and the Technical Advisory Board.

For more information contact: DEP Oil and Gas

The Office of Oil and Gas Management only regulates aboveground and underground storage tanks at oil and gas well sites. All questions regarding aboveground and underground storage tanks that are not located on oil and gas well sites should be directed to the Storage Tank Program at

Citizens with oil and gas related complaints can call the state wide toll free number 1-866-255-5158.