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Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency

Every business uses energy, and for many businesses energy consumption is one of their primary, on-going operational costs. We live on a finite planet, with finite resources and the extraction, processing, distribution and consumption of these energy resources often result in large economic, environmental and societal costs.

You can reduce your business’ energy costs and the resulting environmental impacts through both energy conservation and energy efficiency. Conservation comes through behaviors that reduce energy consumption – like turning off an unnecessary light or resetting a thermostat. Efficiency comes through use of technologies that require less energy to perform the same function – like replacing an incandescent light bulb with an LED or installing a higher performance HVAC system. These are the keystones and most cost effective means of reducing your businesses energy costs. In order to assist your business in finding information most relevant to you, we’ve divided our Energy Conservation and Efficiency pages by business sectors and then by areas of energy opportunities. The links on this page are by sector, then once you are on a sector’s page, the relevant opportunities for that business type are linked – or to see them all select Energy Opportunities.