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Air Quality Monitoring Division

  • Collects current and maintains historical data on air pollution.
  • Conducts investigative sampling to determine nature and extent of pollutants.
  • Initiates emergency control programs.
  • Develops new sampling and analysis techniques.
  • Phone: (717) 783-9268.
  • E-mail: Nick Lazor

Quality Assurance and Data Assessment Section

  • Collects and validates ambient air quality data.
  • Conducts quality assurance of ambient air instrumentation.
  • Coordinates with EPA on data reporting.
  • Distributes Pollutant Standards Index.
  • Repairs ambient air equipment.
  • Orders and distributes ambient air equipment parts.
  • Analyzes monitored data and conducts comparison studies for reporting results.
  • Phone: (717) 772-3377.
  • E-mail: Sean Nolan

Field Operations and Maintenance Section

  • Develops technical aspects of ambient air quality field monitoring programs.
  • Operates and maintains statewide ambient air monitoring field equipment.
  • Conducts ambient air quality studies of toxic pollutants using a variety of portable and stationary monitoring equipment. Parameters monitored include volatile organic compounds, hydrogen sulfide, mercury, carbon dioxide, aldehydes, combustible gases, particulate matter, and weather elements.
  • Evaluates/selects new air monitoring locations, arranges leases, develops site construction specifications.
  • Oversees the DEP's acid rain and mercury deposition networks.
  • Conducts special study/special investigative sampling.
  • Reviews contractor proposed monitoring plans.
  • Conducts periodic reviews of air monitoring network, identifying data trends used to continually update the location and number of samplers.
  • Phone: (717) 346-8254.
  • E-mail: Don Torsello