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Compliance and Enforcement Division

  • Develops policy and guidance on air quality rules and regulations.
  • Oversees the Small Business Assistance Program.
  • Coordinates and tracks enforcement actions with the Regional field offices.
  • Operates Continuous Source Emission Compliance Program.
  • Coordinates with the Philadelphia and Allegheny County Departments of Health in administration of their approved air quality management programs.
  • Coordinates with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in administration of inspection and enforcement commitments.
  • Coordinates with EPA in joint enforcements.
  • Phone: (717) 772-3369.
  • E-mail: Susan Foster

Compliance Assistance and Monitoring Section

  • Tracks and reports Notices of Violation, enforcement actions and penalty payments.
  • Administers Small Business Compliance Assistance programs.
  • Administers outreach programs for compliance assistance.
  • Administers High Priority Violation program in coordination with Regional Programs and EPA.
  • Administers Compliance Monitoring Strategy in coordination with Regional Programs and EPA.
  • Coordinates with Regional Programs in implementation of Stage I and Stage II Vapor Recovery requirements
  • Develops enforcement policies
  • Develops programs for the regulation of air toxics and provides expertise on air toxic related issues to Regional staff and other bureaus.
  • Phone: (717) 783-9269.
  • E-mail: Nancy Herb

Continuous Compliance Section

  • Provides enforcement programs for sources required to monitor emissions using Continuous Source Monitoring Systems (CSMS's).
  • Develops and implements CSMS compliance assurance policies, and guidelines.
  • Provides CSMS enforcement case assistance and policy interpretations.
  • Provides Continuous Source Monitoring workshops for source owners/operators and Regional staff.
  • Provides progress and compliance tracking and reporting of CSMS enforcement cases for Regional Managers and EPA.
  • Applies enforcement policy considerations to CSMS quarterly data through the quarterly reports.
  • Provides presentations and analysis of CSMS information and data
  • Phone: (717) 772-4482.
  • E-mail: Doug Haulik