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Division of Permits

  • Develops policy and guidance on permitting activities required by the Clean Air Act and Air Pollution Control Act.
  • Oversees regional permitting activities for consistency and uniformity.
  • Provides assistance on pollution control technology determinations.
  • Develops policy on air toxics and risk assessment.
  • Phone: (717) 783-9476.
  • E-mail: Viren Trivedi

New Source Review Section

  • Assists in the implementation of New Source Review(NSR)/Prevention of Significant Deterioration(PSD) and other permitting regulations.
  • Develops and provides guidance and oversight for the new Title V operating permit program.
  • Coordinates with other Department permitting programs.
  • Phone: (717) 772-3979.
  • E-mail: Sean Wenrich

Technical Support Section

  • Participates in all activities involving control technology determinations.
  • Develops comprehensive air permitting criteria documents for various source categories.
  • Assists regions in making determinations of Reasonably Available Control Technology(RACT), Best Available Technology(BAT), Best Available Control Technology(BACT), Maximum Achievable Control Technology(MACT), and Lowest Achievable Emission Rate(LAER).
  • Phone: (717) 787-2856.
  • E-mail: Naishad (Nash) Bhatt