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Division of Permits

  • Develops policy and guidance on permitting activities required by the Clean Air Act and Air Pollution Control Act.
  • Oversees regional permitting activities for consistency and uniformity.
  • Provides assistance on pollution control technology determinations.
  • Develops policy on air toxics and risk assessment.
  • Phone: (717) 787-4325.
  • E-mail: Viren Trivedi

New Source Review Section

  • Assists in the implementation of New Source Review(NSR)/Prevention of Significant Deterioration(PSD) and other permitting regulations.
  • Develops and provides guidance and oversight for the new Title V operating permit program.
  • Coordinates with other Department permitting programs.
  • Phone: (717) 772-3979.
  • E-mail: Sean Wenrich

Technical Support Section

  • Participates in all activities involving control technology determinations.
  • Develops comprehensive air permitting criteria documents for various source categories.
  • Assists regions in making determinations of Reasonably Available Control Technology(RACT), Best Available Technology(BAT), Best Available Control Technology(BACT), Maximum Achievable Control Technology(MACT), and Lowest Achievable Emission Rate(LAER).
  • Phone: (717) 787-2856.
  • E-mail: Naishad (Nash) Bhatt

Air Toxics and Risk Assessment Section

  • Provides risk assessment and risk management support to the regions.
  • Develops permitting air toxics management policies.
  • Assists regions in making determinations of Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) and Best Available Technology (BAT), as related to HAPs and air toxics.
  • Co-ordinates compliance with provisions of the Clean Air Act as related to Air Toxics, including developing state plans where appropriate to address Emission Guidelines and providing comment to EPA on proposed NESHAPs and Emission Guidelines.
  • Coordinates statewide enforcement of the Asbestos NESHAP.
  • Phone: (717) 772-3995
  • E-mail: Vacant