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Air Resource Management Division

  • Develops regulations, policies, and guidance necessary to implement requirements of the federal Clean Air Act (CAA) and the Pennsylvania Air Pollution Control Act (APCA).
  • Develops strategies and programs to address interstate transport issues.
  • Develops State Implementation Plans.
  • Work with regional and national groups on the development and implementation of stationary and area source emission reduction strategies.
  • Phone: (717) 772-3436.
  • E-mail: Kirit Dalal
  • E-mail: Susan Hoyle, Regulatory Coordinator

Mobile Sources Section

  • Works with PennDOT to implement vehicle emissions inspection/maintenance programs.
  • Implements voluntary and pilot programs to reduce pollution from cars, trucks and offroad sources.
  • Works with metropolitan planning agencies to ensure transportation projects are consistent with air quality plans.
  • Works with national and regional groups on other mobile source issues such as improved gasoline and diesel fuels.
  • Phone: (717) 772-3926.
  • E-mail: Chris Trostle

Stationary Sources Section

  • Prepares projected stationary source SIP Inventories.
  • Develops regulations for stationary and area sources.
  • Develops and administers programs that reduce interstate transport of pollutants.
  • Coordinates the activities of the Air Quality Technical Advisory Committee.
  • Phone: (717) 772-3921.
  • E-mail: Randy Bordner

Air Quality Modeling Section

  • Conducts Air Dispersion Modeling.
  • Conducts PSD Modeling Requirements & Analysis.
  • Forecasts Air Quality Index for portions of the State.
  • Develops attainment demonstration plans for nonattainment areas.
  • Phone: (717) 783-9243.
  • E-mail: Andrew Fleck