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Renewable Energy

Once your business has worked to educate staff on energy conservation, assessed your energy usage, completed your energy plan and installed upgrades to your equipment, it’s time to look at your renewable energy options.  Here in Pennsylvania, we have many options for renewable energy, which can be used to heat or cool air and water, generate electricity and move vehicles and equipment. Pennsylvania purchases at least 30% of all electricity consumed in state-owned facilities from clean and renewable energy sources, ranking us as the top state for renewable energy purchases in 2018.  Pennsylvania obtains about 4% of its net electricity generation from renewable sources. Until recently, renewable electricity came mostly from hydroelectric and biomass power plants, but wind power has grown to provide two-fifths of renewable electricity generation, making it the state's largest renewable source.

Know your best renewable energy option?

If so, see the blue boxes or links for more information about these resources.

Not sure where to start?

In many cases, existing infrastructure limits your renewable energy options, so we recommend working closely with your electrician, plumber and other professionals to understand your current systems. You may find more than one viable solution to your specific situation, so after looking at your electrical, structural and other physical constraints, consider contacting multiple renewable contractors (even multiple renewable types!).   There are a variety of financing options – from leases and loans to cost-sharing and special finance tools that may make your project more financially viable.

If you are unable to install renewables at your facility, you can purchase renewable energy through a number of resources.