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Bureau of Mining Programs

The Bureau of Mining Programs administers the environmental regulatory program for all coal and noncoal mining activities in Pennsylvania. BMP also develops policy, documents, regulations, and technical guidance, and compiles scientific analysis and statistical reporting in support of DEP's mine permitting, licensing and compliance operations. Its mission is to ensure environmentally responsible mining practices and adequate land reclamation during and following the mining process.

William Allen
The Office of the Director
Rachel Carson State Office Building
P.O. Box 8461
Harrisburg , PA , 17105-8461
Phone: 717-787-5103
FAX: 717-783-4675

Organizational Chart (PDF)

Programs And Services

Permitting and Technical – Development of permit applications and templates, scientific and technical support for Bureau of District Mining Operations

Licensing and Compliance

Environmental Analysis and Support

Areas Unsuitable for Mining Program

Mine Map Grant (MMG) Program - Processing of mine maps into electronic format for incorporation into Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Annual Reports - Yearly reports on operations, safety and fees.

Blasting Training and Explosives Regulations

Remining Incentives -  Financial Guarantees and Bond Credits (PDF)

Bonding – Current bond rates and forms

Mine Subsidence Insurance

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania offers affordable insurance coverage for property owners against losses resulting from the collapse of underground coal or clay mines. Online systems are provided to evaluate mining conditions, calculate premiums, apply for insurance and renew coverage. Visit Mine Subsidence Insurance webpage to learn more.

Standard Operating Procedures

Advisory Boards To BMP