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Areas Unsuitable for Mining

The Areas Unsuitable for Mining (UFM) Program operates in response to formal "petitions" being submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection by a person, business concern, environmental organization, local or state government agency, or any other public agency or citizen organization.

A UFM "petition" is a written request with supporting technical documentation similar to that of a mining permit application, which formally asks the Department to consider designating a particular area as unsuitable for surface coal mining operations, or to have a previous designation terminated (revoked). This petition process obligates the Department to consider requests deemed to be complete and that have merit as a result of the evidence submitted.

The Department will then:

  1. Conduct a technical study;
  2. Provide for public participation through notifications and public hearings;
  3. Make a recommendation to the Environmental Quality Board (EQB) for possible rulemaking.

Regulatory citations for the UFM listed areas are available in 25 Pa. Code Chapter 86, Subchapter D.

For more information, see the following:

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