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Reclaim PA

Form No.Title File Format
BMP0020 Good Samaritan Application

Licensing and Contract Operator Approval (New Applicants Only)

Form No.Title File Format
BMP0025 Application Form - Mining License, Contract Operator Approval and Ownership and Control Registration

Permitting (Coal and Industrial Minerals)

Form No.Title File Format
MR0026 Surface Mining Near Underground Mines - MSHA Coordination Form
BMP0010 Landowner Consent Coal "Supplemental C"
BMP0054 General Permit for the Construction, Operation and Maintenance of a Temporary Road Across a Watercourse
BMP0058 Application for Transfer of a Permit (Coal and Industrial Minerals)
BMP0059 General Permit for the Construction, Operation and Maintenance of an Access Road Across a Watercourse
BMP0092 Coal Exploration Notice of Intent to Explore or Request for Permit Waiver
BMP0094 Mine Employment and Production Report
BMP0113 Cover Sheet for Reporting and Certifying Water Monitoring Data
BMP0307 Application for Government Financed Construction Contract (GFCC)
BMP0312 Application for Authorization to Conduct Surface Coal Mining Activities
BMP0311 Bituminous Surface Mine Permit Application
BMP0315 Large Noncoal (Industrial Minerals) Mine Permit
BMP0321 Anthracite Underground Mine Permit Application
BMP0324 Application for Bituminous Underground Mine, Coal Preparation Plant and/or Coal Refuse Disposal Area
BMP0343 Anthracite Surface Mine Permit Application
BMP0372 Completion Report for Large Noncoal Mine
BMP0385 Coal Mining Activity Permit Renewal Application
BMP0032 Application for Individual NPDES Permit Associated with Mining Activities
BMP0008 GP-104 Stormwater NPDES
BMP0487 Effluent Characterization Requirement Instructions and NPDES Toxics Monitoring Form
BMP0488 Discharge Monitoring Report Cover Sheet


Form No.Title File Format
BMP0027 Application for Examination and Licensed Blaster
BMP0021 Instructions and Application for Blasting Activity Permit
BMP0031 Instructions and Application for Explosives Storage License
BMP0086 Small Noncoal Blast Plan
BMP0311 Bituminous Coal Blast Plan (Module 16)
BMP0315 Large Noncoal Blast Plan (Module 16)
Additional Blast Loading Plan - 77.453 (Module 16)
BMP0321 Anthracite Underground Surface Blast Plan (Module 15)
BMP0324 Bituminous Underground Mine, Coal Preparation Plant and-or Refuse Disposal Area
BMP0340 Pennsylvania Standardized Blast Report
BMP0343 Anthracite Surface Mine Permit Application Blast Plan (Module 16)
BMP0439 Request for Security Access/Portal Account Blasting Activity Permit/ Blasting Activity Permit by Rule


Form No.Title File Format
BMP0049 Planting and Soil Test Report for Coal
BMP0073 Appeal Bond Surety Guarantee
BMP0074 Appeal Bond Escrow Deposit
BMP0370 Coal Completion Report
BMP0374 Bond Release Request for Small Noncoal
BMP0405 Surety Bond-Mining (General)
BMP0406 Collateral Bond-Mining (General)
BMP0407 Collateral Bond-Mining (Subsidence)
BMP0408 Surety Bond-Mining (Subsidence)
BMP0409 Assignment of Certificate of Deposit Under Collateral Bonding-Mining
BMP0410 Mining Bond Amendment - Permit Acres
BMP0411 Partial Replacement of Collateral Under Collateral Bond
BMP0412 Schedule for Deposit of Collateral Bond
BMP0414 Loan Agreement for Emergency Bond Fund Applicant
BMP0436 Conventional Bonding for Land Reclamation Annual Bond Calculation Summary
BMP0443 Surety Bond-Mining (Water Supply Operation and Maintenance Costs)
BMP0451 Cost Comparisons and Bond Calculation for Existing and Replacement Supplies

Industrial Minerals

Form No.Title File Format
BMP0004 Short-Term Construction Projects BMP-GP-103
BMP0050 Contractual Consent Of Landowner (Noncoal/Industrial Minerals) (Word)
BMP0094 Mine Employment and Production Report
BMP0151 Noncoal Notice of Intent to Explore (Drilling Only)
BMP0152 Noncoal Exploration Request for Permit Waiver
BMP0304 Bonding Increment Application and Authorization to Conduct Noncoal Mining Activities
BMP0316 Permit Application for a Small Noncoal (Industrial Minerals) Surface Mine
BMP0027 General Permit for Bluestone (5 Acres or Less) Mining BMP-GP-105
MR0387 MR0387 E&S Plan for Small Noncoal application in special protection watersheds

Water Supply

Form No.Title File Format
BMP0110 Consent to Lesser Water Supply Agreement
BMP0111 Abandonment of Water Supply Agreement
BMP0445 Release of the Obligation to Pay Increased Operation and Maintenance Costs for an Affected Water Supply
BMP0451 Cost Comparisons and Bond Calculation for Existing and Replacement Supplies

Coal Ash Beneficial Use

Form No.Title File Format
BMP0011 Coal Ash Beneficial Use Certification Application
BMP0012 Coal Ash Quality Assessment for Beneficial Use
BMP0014 Coal Ash Water Quality Monitoring Report
BMP0149 Contractual Consent of Landowner for Beneficial Use of Coal Ash