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Mine Operator Licenses

Important Notice: Changes to noncoal application fees, administrative fees, and liability insurance requirements.


Mine operators are required to have a valid mining license, which is renewed every year.

License types

  • Coal Mine Operator - license to operate bituminous or anthracite coal mines.
  • Small Noncoal Operator – license to operate small noncoal mines; restricts total noncoal mineral production to up to 2,000 tons per calendar year for the licensee (all sites).
  • Large Noncoal Operator - license to operate noncoal mines; unlimited tonnage. Includes GP-105 and <10,000 tons or less permits
  • Contractor Approval – license to operate on a permitted mine site as a contractor for the permit holder. Contractor approval is also required to be eligible to act as a contractor for abandoned mine reclamation contracts, GFCCs, and as an auger miner. Contractor approval is not required if a contract operator is currently a licensed mine operator.
  • Ownership and Control Registration – license to operate coal refuse disposal facilities, preparation plants, or mine drainage treatment facilities where a coal or noncoal license (for extraction) is not held.

Technical Guidance Documents


Mine operator license renewals can be done online through GreenPort only if the operator requests access through the Bureau of Mining Programs and by completing the Mine Operator License Renewal Request for Security Access form. See “E-mine” at Epermitting.

New and renewal forms can also be submitted via public upload with payment tool. Choose Mining License (all) as the submission type.

Questions about licensing or problems with submittals can be sent to: