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Keystone Landfill

Keystone Landfill Operating Permit Renewal Application

Permit Renewal Application

Renewal Acceptance Letter

Keystone Landfill has submitted a permit application to renew its operating permit for its facility in the boroughs of Dunmore and Throop, Lackawanna County.

Consent Order and Agreement

Keystone Landfill has reached a Consent Order and Agreement with the department regarding odor issues over a four month period, including creating a malodor at its facility. The order includes a civil penalty, and the steps the landfill must take to mitigate odor issues in the future.

DEP response to Keystone’s Response to Recent NOV’s

Keystone Landfill response to January 8, 2024 Notice of Violation

Keystone Landfill Response to December 2023 NOV

On January 8, 2024 a Notice of Violation was issued to Keystone Landfill for failing to control odors at its facility in Lackawanna County. The notice also cites the landfill for creating a malodor affecting the public.

December 2023: Notice of Violation for Odor Issues

DEP has issued a Notice of Violation (NOV) to Keystone Landfill for numerous odor violations dating back to mid-November. DEP issued the NOV after numerous complaints from residents and staff confirming odors during odor patrols near landfill.

Keystone Landfill Response to DEP Letter (Settlement Accommodation Plan)

Keystone SAP Area Suspension Letter

DEP has suspended Keystone Landfill’s Settlement Accommodation Plan which provided for the removal of the existing cap to add waste to already existing waste at the facility. The DEP based its decision on the number of odor complaints from residents and the documentation by DEP of off-site odors near the landfill.

DEP Response to Keystone Response to Odor Complaints

Keystone Response to DEP Odor Complaints (Oct/Nov 2023)

The DEP issued a letter to Keystone Landfill in October 2023 to address odor issues at the facility due to a high number of complaints about odors. Keystone responded to those complaints in November of 2023 and DEP issued a response letter to Keystone Landfill.

Keystone Landfill National Pollutant Discharge and Elimination System Permit Application

The DEP has issued a pre-denial letter to Keystone Landfill for an individual Industrial Waste with Effluent Limitation Guidelines NPDES Permit and a Water Quality Permit Application for permitting the Keystone Sanitary Landfill (KSL) Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant related pump stations/pipeline(s), and proposed Outfall No. 002 on Little Roaring Brook and has determined that the applications remain incomplete and not adequate for technical review

DEP Letter Regarding Odor Complaints

Municipal Review Letter

Keystone Landfill’s major permit modification application to discharge up to 200,00 gallons a day of effluent from the Reverse Osmosis leachate treatment system to Little Roaring Brook Creek in Dunmore Borough, Lackawanna County. The proposed discharge point is located just off of East Drinker Street in the Borough of Dunmore.

Keystone Landfill Air Quality Plan Approval

Air Quality plan approval which allows Keystone Landfill to continue to utilize the existing flares (5 enclosed and 3 portable) on the landfill property to control landfill gas (methane) generated by landfill operations and send the generated landfill gas to the Assai gas plant on site to be processed into pipeline quality gas (renewable natural gas).

Archaea Energy Air Quality Plan Approval

Air Quality plan approval which allows Archaea Energy to construct and operate the Assai Energy gas processing facility on Keystone Landfill property. This permit allows Assai to convert the landfill gas to renewable natural gas.

Phase III Major Permit Modification

This allows Keystone Landfill to expand on its existing facility in the boroughs of Dunmore and Throop in Lackawanna County and increase its disposal capacity.

Site Background

The Keystone Landfill is a 714-acred landfill that applied for a major permit modification in 2014 to expand its facility on its existing permitted area of 345-acres in the Boroughs of Dunmore and Throop in Lackawanna County.

Resources and Links

Keystone Landfill's response to department’s second Technical Deficiency Letter from February 2021.

Keystone Landfill Second Technical Deficiency Letter

  • Keystone Landfill Technical Deficiency Letter (Technical Review Phase)
    The Department’s Technical Deficiency Letter as part of the technical review phase of Keystone Landfill’s 2014 permit application for expansion. The letter requests more information from the landfill owner so the department can proceed with a review of the application.

Keystone Landfill Response to DEP 2019 Environmental Assessment

DOH/ATSDR Health Consultation Report

 Permit Application for Expansion (2014/15)