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PWS Permit Applications

All permit applications along with reports, final plans, specifications, and other documents required for the application package shall be submitted in duplicate to the appropriate Regional Office. For some applications, a third copy of the application package may be necessary for submission to a county health department or river basin commission.

PWS permit application packages can be submitted electronically through DEP Greenport. Where permit fees are required for electronic submissions, applicants must submit the Payment Submission Form.

For a New PWS

In addition to elements listed for a modification to an existing PWS, a new PWS system must submit a business plan and Pennsylvania Utility Commission (PUC) approval or proof of exemption.

For an Existing PWS

For application packages for modifications to an existing system, the documents submitted for approval of a modification shall include, at a minimum:

  1. 1. Completeness Report - Module 1 (3900-PM-BSDW0254B)
  2. 2. Public Water Supply Permit Application (3900-PM-BSDW0002)
  3. 3. General Information Form (0210-PM-PIO0001)
  4. 4. All applicable modules
  5. 5. Engineer’s Report
  6. 6. Permit Fee
  7. 7. Detailed Plans
  8. 8. Specifications
  9. 9. Continued Operations Plan
  10. 10. Simultaneous Compliance Report

In addition to the above items, some systems may also need to submit the following documents:

  1. 11. Hydrogeologic Report
  2. 12. New Source Sample Results
  3. 13. Comprehensive Sanitary Survey
  4. 14. Raw Water Quantity Evaluation
  5. 15. Source Water Assessment
  6. 16. Schematics showing valves, piping, treatment units, etc.
  7. 17. Erosion and Sediment Control (E&S) Plan and approval letter from appropriate County Conservation District or DEP
  8. 18. Pennsylvania Natural Diversity Inventory (PNDI) Database search results and sign-off letters from appropriate agencies
  9. 19. Act 67/68 Municipal and County Notification Requirements (012-0200-001), including cover letter and certified mail return receipts
  10. 20. USGS Topographic Map showing the project location
  11. 21. Pennsylvania History Code Official Response as per implementation of the Pennsylvania State History Code: Policy and Procedures for Applicants for DEP Permits and Plan Approvals (012-0700-001)
  12. 22. Flood Plain Delineation and/or Wetlands Delineation
  13. 23. Business Plan
  14. 24. Pennsylvania Utility Commission (PUC) approval or proof of exemption

Applicants should consult Module 1 (3900-PM-BSDW0254B) to determine if documents 11-24 will be required for their proposed project.

A preliminary conference with the regional Safe Drinking Water staff should be held for projects which include new sources of supply or new treatment facilities as early in the process as possible to discuss requirements.

The modules, specifications, and engineer’s report submitted in the application shall bear the signature and imprint of the seal of the licensed engineer by, or under whom, it was prepared. In addition, each plan submitted shall bear an imprint or a legible facsimile of such seal. The cover of the hydrogeologic report shall bear the signature and seal of the licensed geologist by, or under whom, it was prepared.

For Transfers

A transfer of ownership does not require submittal of a new permit application package; however, the PWS will need to submit a Transfer of Public Water Supply Permit Application (3900-PM-BSDW0400) at least 60 business days prior to transfer of ownership.