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Bottled, Vended, Retail and Bulk Water Haulers (BVRB)

Permit application packages for in-state and out-of-state bottled water, vended water, retail water facilities, and bulk water haulers must include all of the required items listed on the first page of the applicable module.

For in-state bottled water, see Module 16A: In-State Bottled Water Systems (3900-PM-BSDW0077A)

For out-of-state bottled water, see Module 16B: Out-of-State Bottled Water Systems (3900-PM-BSDW0077B)

For bulk water haulers, see Module 17: Bulk Water Haulers (3900-PM-BSDW0077E)

For vended water systems, see Module 18: Vended Water Systems (3900-PM-BSDW0077C)

For Retail Water Facilities, see Module 19: Retail Water Facilities (3900-PM-BSDW0077D)

BVRB application packages can be submitted electronically through DEP Greenport. Where permit fees are required for electronic submissions, applicants must submit the Payment Submission Form.

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