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New Finished Water Sources (Interconnections)

A new interconnection is a new source of water from a finished water source. These may be emergency interconnections (used 14 days or less per calendar year) or permanent interconnections (used more than 14 days per calendar year). As a new source of water, a new interconnection does require submittal of a PWS permit application package. The permit application package shall include:

  1. Module 3C: Interconnection (3900-PM-BSDW0254D)
  2. The purchasing agreement between the PWSs
  3. A description of the materials used
  4. A quantity analysis
  5. An updated comprehensive monitoring plan
  6. An inter-water system coordination plan
  7. Items 1-10 on the PWS Permit Applications webpage

Additionally, systems with an interconnection to a seller/parent system which withdraws surface water must apply for a Subsidiary Water Allocation Permit.