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New Surface Water Sources

A surface water source is defined in the Pennsylvania Safe Drinking Water Regulations as all water open to the atmosphere or subject to surface runoff.

In addition to other applicable requirements, the permit application package for a new surface water source must include the following information:

  1. A description of source water quantity (DEP-issued Water Allocation Permit)
  2. A description of source water quality (new source samples must be analyzed by a Pennsylvania-accredited laboratory)
  3. A completed version of Module 3B: Surface Water Sources (3900-PM-BSDW0254D)

Projects involving surface water withdrawal for public water supply may be subject to review and approval by the Delaware River Basin Commission or the Susquehanna River Basin Commission. The PWS must contact the appropriate agency to determine applicability of regulations that may be required for their project.

Additional Resources

A comprehensive list of DEP guidance documents pertaining to the permitting process for new surface water sources is provided below. Technical guidance documents can be found in the DEP eLibrary.

  1. Public Water Supply Manual - Part II Community System Design Standards (383-2125-108)
  2. New Source Sampling Requirements for Surface Water Sources (393-3130-108)
  3. Water Allocation Application and Instructions (3900-PM-WM0001)
  4. Public Water Supply Module 3B – Surface Water Sources (3900-PM-BSDW0254D)