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Operator Security Training Course


All certified operators must complete the DEP's system security course called "Securing Drinking Water and Wastewater Facilities" by the end of the operator's first full cycle that begins after 9/18/2010. So, if your license expiration date is 9/30/13, 12/31/13, 3/31/14, 6/30/14 and on, you MUST have the security course completed. Failure to complete the course will result in the loss of your license. You only need to take the course once!

The training is being made available in three formats: Web-based (Course ID 2954), correspondence (Course ID 2953), and classroom (Course ID 2952). These are the only courses that fulfill the requirement. You only need to take one of the versions. The classroom and correspondence versions are worth5 contact hours. The web-based version is only available from EarthWise Academy and is worth3.5 contact hours.

In addition to fulfilling the security requirement, the hours count towards your continuing education requirements. You may take the course before your next full cycle to fulfill the security course requirement. However, the continuing education hours will only count in your current cycle.

Taking the Course:


The web-based version is available through DEP's Earthwise Academy eLearning site: Under "Required Security Training" click on course 2954, Securing Drinking Water and Wastewater Facilities. Follow the log-in instructions displayed.

Classroom Version:

To find classroom training of the course, go to the Earthwise Events Calendar and click on the calendar dates marked "Securing Drinking Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities (Classroom)".

Alternatively, you can find a list of training providers that deliver theclassroom versions of this training by opening the Security Course Provider Table.

Correspondence Version:

There are a few providers that deliver the approved course in a correspondence format. You can find these by opening the Security Course Provider Table and referring to the providers that "Correspondence" in the far right column.