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NIMS Training

How to Receive Credit for a NIMS Course:

PA DEP has received permission from FEMA to sponsor the following online independent study NIMS courses (each course is worth 3 contact hours toward both drinking water and wastewater certifications EXCEPT IS-907 which is worth 1 contact hour). Click on each course title to link to the course on FEMA's site:

TThe Emergency Management Institute offers specialized course content. IS-100.c is the only 100 level course accepted. You will also receive credit for only one of the IS-200 level courses. DEP accepts IS-200.b or 200.HCa. In the 700 and 800 courses, only 700.a and 800.b are accepted.

Important Note: NIMS training must be completed in your 3-year continuing education cycle. If you retake a course in a new cycle to refresh your skills, you may retake the exam however, the system will not re-score the exam and the original date of completion will always appear on your certificate for the course and the date cannot be changed. Therefore, you can only count a particular NIMS course once towards your PA continuing education requirements.

Normally, approved training sponsors are required to report course completions to DEP. Although DEP is now a sponsor for these particular NIMS courses, we cannot logistically receive course completion information from FEMA. Therefore, we have implemented a special reporting process for these NIMS courses only.

When you successfully complete one of the above NIMS courses, you will receive a successful completion email. In order to receive continuing education credit toward your water or wastewater license, you must report your completions to DEP by doing the following:

  • Forward the email you receive to:
  • Be sure to type your DEP Client ID number in the subject line or you will not receive credit

Please remember that this is not our normal procedure for documenting course completions. This is an exception only for the NIMS courses. If you have any questions about this procedure, contact DEP at 717-772-4018.