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DEP Classroom Training

DEP will occasionally conduct classroom training at various locations across the commonwealth. These classes will be scheduled according to need and as time and resources permit. When the Training Section decides to conduct training, it announces it in the Active Courses section of this page.

To enroll for any announced training, perform the following steps:

  1. Check the Active Courses section below to determine if the class is currently being held.
  2. Check under the 'Dates' column to determine when and where the course will be taught.
  3. Check under 'How to Apply' to either download the application form or find instructions on how to apply.
  4. Contact us prior to the training to determine whether or not DEP has approved your enrollment.

Active Courses

Course Name Dates How to apply:
Introduction to Electronic Environmental Reporting System (E2) 3082 Dates to be Determined. 
Land Application of Biosolids 155
Dates to be Determined. 
Permit Obligation Training 5489

Southeast Regional Office 
2 East Main St 
Norristown, PA 19401 

Dates to be Determined. 


Not Scheduled

If interested in one of these courses, please contact the Training Section at 717-772-4018

Course Name
Activated Sludge Refresher 3884
Basic Math for Operators 2687
Chapter 94 Workshop 1729
Clean Water Permits- How to apply, How to comply 6480
Comprehensive Water Conservation Plan Workshop 314
Drinking Water Training - Monitoring & Reporting Requirements Overview 3169
Emergency Response and O&M Plans: Incorporating Public Notification (2 hour)2113
Emergency Response Plan Guidance and Application - "Complying with the 2002 Bioterrorism Act" 898
Flush Away High Energy Costs 3232
FPPE Field Inspection Training 2562
General Update to Ch. 109 Water Supplier Training for WWOAP 5082
Making the Transition to Management 2201
Mosquito Control in Wastewater Treatment Plants 843
National Incident Management System (NIMS) & Tabletop Excercise 5031
Operation and Maintenance Plan Workshop 68
PMAA PN Handbook Session 3850
Problem Solving Mathematics for Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators 30
Proper DMR Preparation and Calculation Overview 3335
Public Notification - "Are you Ready?" 3630
Radionuclide Rule Gross Beta Training 1203
The Groundwater Rule for Community Water Systems 3166
The Groundwater Rule for Public Water Systems: Water Supplier Training 5222
The O&M Plan as a Tool for Asset Management 3060
Wastewater (Activated Sludge) Nitrification/Denitrification 583
Water Sector ICS and NIMS Refresher and County-Level Tabletop Exercise 3422