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DEP Training Modules

Training modules are intended to serve as student workbooks for use by approved training sponsors to develop pre-certification classroom training. However, many individuals use the modules as self-study guides for the certification exams. Please be aware that this is NOT the original intended purpose for these modules. If you have questions about which training module to study for which exam, call us at 717-787-0122 and ask to speak to someone in the Training Section or e-mail us at

Note to training providers: These modules consist of training 'content' only, and are not considered to be approved training courses worth credit for Pennsylvania water and wastewater operators unless an approved training sponsor submits a training course application to Pa. DEP. Please contact DEP at to obtain the instructor guides and PowerPoint delivery materials for the modules.


Laboratory Supervisor Training Module

Document NameAssociated Certification ExamWorkbookAnswer Key
Module 31 - Pa. Lab Supervisor Highlights for DW and WW LaboratoriesDrinking water subclass 15; wastewater subclass 5 2,328 kb (PDF) 545 kb (PDF)


Drinking Water Modules
Document NameAssociated Certification ExamWorkbookAnswer Key (or Instructor Guide)*
Module 1: General Overview, Vol IPart 1 (General Exam) 1,071 kb (PDF) 149 kb (PDF)
Module 1: General Overview, Vol IIPart 1 (General Exam) 2,589 kb (PDF) 927 kb (PDF)
Module 1: General Overview, Vol IIIPart 1 (General Exam) 1,841 kb (PDF) 63 kb (PDF)
Module Dc: Volume I Dc 1681 kb (PDF) 272 kb (PDF)
Module Dc: Volume II Dc 1665 kb (PDF) 271 kb (PDF)
Module Dc: Job AidDc 199 kb (PDF)
Module 8: Distribution SystemsClass E 987 kb (PDF) 63 kb (PDF)
Module 14: Conventional FiltrationSubclass 1 873 kb (PDF) 467 kb (PDF)
Module 15: Direct FiltrationSubclass 2 2,185 kb (PDF) 514 kb (PDF)
Module 16: Diatomaceous Earth FiltrationSubclass 3 1,828 kb (PDF) 36 kb (PDF)
Module 17: Slow Sand FiltrationSubclass 4 842 kb (PDF) 348 kb (PDF)
Module 18: Bag Filtration And Cartridge FiltrationSubclass 5 588 kb (PDF) 308 kb (PDF)
Module 19: Membrane FiltrationSubclass 6 1,016 kb (PDF) 386 kb (PDF)
Module 20: Corrosion Control Treatment TrainingSubclass 7 689 kb (PDF)

37 kb (PDF)

Module 21: Chemical AdditionSubclass 8 1,542 kb (PDF) 516 kb (PDF)
Module 22: Inorganics RemovalSubclass 9 3,043 kb (PDF) 27 kb (PDF)
Module 23: Organics RemovalSubclass 10 1,249 kb (PDF) 361 kb (PDF)
Module 24: Gas ChlorinationSubclass 11 595 kb (PDF) 243 kb (PDF)
Module 25: HypochloriteSubclass 12 568 kb (PDF) 167 kb (PDF)
Module 26: UV DisinfectionSubclass 13 623 kb (PDF) 372 kb (PDF)
Module 27: OzoneSubclass 14 1,909 kb (PDF) 1,539 kb (PDF)
module number not assigned:
Drinking Water Basic Math
All 1,331 kb (PDF) 818 Kb (PDF)


Wastewater Modules
Document NameAssociated Certification ExamWorkbookAnswer Key (or Instructor Guide)*
Module 1: Introduction to Wastewater TreatmentPart 1 (General Exam) 1,439 kb (PDF) 49 kb (PDF)
Module 4: Fundamentals of Wastewater TreatmentPart 1 (General Exam) 1,232 kb (PDF) 72 kb (PDF)
Module 5: Disinfection and ChlorinationPart 1 (General Exam) 3,513 kb (PDF) 63 kb (PDF)
Module 6: Solids Handling and DisposalPart 1 (General Exam) 761 kb (PDF) 61 kb (PDF)
Module 7: Basics of Chemical Feed SystemsPart 1 (General Exam) 1,255 kb (PDF) 44 kb (PDF)
Module 8: Overview of Advanced Wastewater Treatment ProcessesSubclass 1 10,241 kb (PDF) 129 kb (PDF)
Module 9: Basics of Pumps and HydraulicsPart 1 (General Exam) and Class E, Subclass 4 2,839 kb (PDF) 65 kb (PDF)
Module 11: MaintenancePart 1 (General Exam) and Class E, Subclass 4 10,696 kb (PDF) 64 kb (PDF)
Module 12: Laboratory OverviewPart 1 (General Exam) 1,396 kb (PDF) 56 kb (PDF)
Module 13: General Administration of Wastewater Treatment PlantsPart 1 (General Exam) 260 kb (PDF) 46 kb (PDF)
Module 15: The Activated Sludge Process - Part ISubclass 1 3,392 kb (PDF) 72 kb (PDF)
Module 16: The Activated Sludge Process - Part IISubclass 1 5,197 kb (PDF) 87 kb (PDF)
Module 17: The Activated Sludge Process - Part IIISubclass 1 4,296 kb (PDF) 47 kb (PDF)
Module 18: The Activated Sludge Process - Part IVSubclass 1 1,547 kb (PDF) 53 kb (PDF)
Module 19: Treatment Ponds and LagoonsSubclass 3 1,007 kb (PDF) 73 kb (PDF)
Module 20: Trickling FiltersSubclass 2 2,398 kb (PDF) 64 kb (PDF)
Module 21: Rotating Biological ContactorsSubclass 2 1,099 kb (PDF) 81 kb (PDF)
Module 22: Industrial Pretreatment ProgramsPart I (General Exam) and Class E, Subclass 4 447 kb (PDF) 40 kb (PDF)
Module 23: Wastewater Collection Systems - Part IClass E, Subclass 4 6,634 kb (PDF) 48 kb (PDF)
Module 24: Wastewater Collection Systems - Part IIClass E, Subclass 4 2,469 kb (PDF) 28 kb (PDF)
Module 25: Introduction to FlowmetersPart 1 (General Exam) 7,322 kb (PDF) 96 kb (PDF)
Module 26: Advanced FlowmetersPart 1 (General Exam) 8,785 kb (PDF) 126 kb (PDF)


Drinking Water and Wastewater
Document NameAssociated Certification ExamWorkbookAnswer Key (or Instructor Guide)*
Module 28: Overview of Basic MathPart 1 (General Exam) 717 kb (PDF) 245 kb (PDF)
Module 29: General ChemistryPart 1 (General Exam) 336 kb (PDF) 54 kb (PDF)
Module 30: SafetyPart 1 (General Exam) and Class E, Subclass 4   1,129 kb (PDF) 98 kb (PDF)


Financial Modules
Document NamePowerPoint PresentationWorkbookAnswer Key (or Instructor Guide)*Industry
Module 1: Water Supply System Basic Operations - 
Identifies and describes the functions of basic drinking water system components
621 kb (PPT) 235 kb (PDF) 277 kb (PDF)drinking water
Module 2: Responsibilities of Governing Bodies - 
Identifies the administrative, legal, and financial responsibilities of ownership and the decisions necessary to insure viability
133 kb (PPT) 307 kb (PDF) 307 kb (PDF)drinking water and wastewater
Module 3: The Safe Drinking Water Act - 
Explains the key points of the SDWA, including compliance, monitoring/reporting, record keeping, and public notification
153 kb (PPT) 234 kb (PDF) 275 kb (PDF)drinking water
Module 4:Dealing with Consultants, Technical Assistance Providers, Regulators, and Funding Agencies - 
Discusses financial assistance options, contracting with engineers and consultants, and dealing with regulatory personnel
125 kb (PPT) 295 kb (PDF) 342 kb (PDF)drinking water and wastewater
Module 4:Handouts
Module 5:Basics of Accounting and Finance for Small Water Systems - 
Identifies the key components of financial statements and describes basic accounting methods
145 kb (PPT) 235 kb (PDF) 342 kb (PDF)drinking water and wastewater
Module 6:Business Planning for Small Water Systems - 
Describes the components and preparation of a business plan
162 kb (PPT) 275 kb (PDF) 323 kb (PDF)drinking water
Module 6:Handouts
Module 7:Budget and Capital Improvements Overview - 
Explains the importance of a budget and capital improvement plan, and how to calculate the key elements of each
147 kb (PPT) 253 kb (PDF) 319 kb (PDF)drinking water and wastewater
Module 7:Handouts
Module 8:Rate Design Overview for Small Water Systems - 
Discusses the different rate setting methods, advantages and disadvantages of each, and how to build support for increased user fees
135 kb (PPT) 300 kb (PDF) 292 kb (PDF)drinking water and wastewater
Module 9:Bidding, Purchasing & Leasing - 
Explains how to determine the best purchasing practices for a given situation and how to perform proper bidding procedures
195 kb (PPT) 338 kb (PDF) 370 kb (PDF)drinking water and wastewater
Module 10:Project Management Overview for Small Water Systems -
Describes the common task associated with a water system project and how to manage them effectively
124 kb (PPT) 224 kb (PDF) 262 kb (PDF)drinking water and wastewater

*Since we are now distributing the training modules to prospective operators, we are replacing the Instructor Guides with Answer Keys. Once replaced, the Instructor Guides will no longer be available.

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