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Training for treatment plant operators can be divided into pre-certification training to prepare industry operators and continuing education to better the skills of current operators.

Pre-Certification Training

To sit for the certification exam, training is not required, but it is highly recommended. For information on pre-certification training, click here.

Continuing Education

All certified operators must complete continuing education in their 3-year license cycle. The specific requirements are defined in the "Continuing Education" link in the right-hand menu.

For the complete course catalog, calendar, and to check your transcript, please go to DEP's Earthwise Academy:

In order for Pennsylvania water and wastewater operators to receive credit for training toward pre-certification experience or continuing education, the training activity must be approved by DEP. DEP approval ensures that competent providers are offering the training that the training is relevant and meaningful to operators. For more information on becoming an approved DEP training provider, please click on the link called " Training Providers" in the right-hand menu.