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Guidelines - Permits to install a shaft

  1. Mine Drainage Permit - D.E.P.
  2. Construction Permits
    1. Soil Erosion Sedimentation Control Plan - Local County Soil Conservation District
    2. Owner or Contractor submits plans for power, blasting, drilling, escapeways, etc. Send to Pittsburgh Office D.E.P.
  3. Highway Occupancy Permit - Permit from Township Officials if Township Road or PennDot if State Road
  4. If you plan to discharge water (treated) after cut-in to mine workings, need new Mine Drainage Permit from E.P.A. (Environmental Protection Agency)
  5. In the beginning, you should show all proposed shaft sites for the entire coal field.
  6. Any stream movement or headwall installation into stream needs permit from Dams - Encroachment Dept. - Harrisburg, Pa.