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High-Voltage Power Center Move Procedures

The following procedures will be followed when moving load centers.

  1. Each and every power move will be under the direction of a certified mine official.
  2. No load center will be moved with the power on.
  3. Push in the emergency stop switch at the load center.
  4. An MSHA electrically qualified person will go to the switch house location nearest the move and see that the oil switch or vacuum breaker is off and to verify proper function of the high voltage pilot check system.
  5. An MSHA electrically qualified person will open a visible disconnect, conduct a visual inspection to insure that all phases are disconnected and grounded, then lock and tag out the visible disconnect handle. This must be accomplished for each and every distinct high-voltage power move (or maintenance task). Each MSHA electrically qualified person performing work on electrical circuits must install an individual lock. The person that has locked and tagged the disconnect must be present at the location of the move (or maintenance task) before any work is performed on the high-voltage circuit.
  6. Remove the incoming high-voltage plug from the load center.
  7. Move the load center to the desired location, properly install the high-voltage cable, and pull out the emergency stop switch.
  8. The MSHA electrically qualified person who installed the lock and tag will go to the switch house and remove the lock and tag and reset the oil switch or vacuum breaker. If the MSHA electrically qualified person who installed the lock and tag is no longer available at the mine, the key to the lock shall be passed to another MSHA electrically qualified person designated by the operator to complete the move or maintenance task.
  9. After all the above-mentioned safety procedures are completed, the emergency stop button will be activated to test the integrity of the high-voltage pilot check system.

This procedure addresses the moving of load centers, however, switch houses may be moved at times and the procedure will be the same. The lock out, tag out procedures in items 5 and 8 also apply when performing maintenance tasks on high-voltage equipment.