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Guidelines - Mine-wide Monitoring

Mine Wide Monitoring System (PDF)

Guidelines - Opening a new deep mine

  1. Obtain a Water Quality Management Permit (Water Permit) - Form ER-BWQ 15 Rev. 3/77. Bureau of Water Quality Management. Phone: (717) 787-9646.
  2. Mine Subsidence Permit, California District Office, 25 Technology Drive, California Technology Park, Coal Center, PA 15423. Phone: (724) 769-1100.
  3. Coal Refuse Disposal Permit; Division of Solid Waste Management; Phone: (717) 787-7381.
  4. Strip Mine License and Bond; Bureau of Surface Mine Reclamation; Phone: (717) 787-4827. (If it is necessary to strip for deep openings).
  5. Notify District Mine Inspector.
  6. Notify New Stanton Bureau of Mine Safety (Bituminous). Phone: (724) 404-3139.
  7. Discuss the following with the District Mine Inspector and procure written approval of the Director of the Bureau of Mine Safety:
    • Roof Control Plan
    • Mine Electrical System
    • Safety Zones
    • Ventilation Plans
    • Approval of Electrical Equipment
    • Mining Methods and Plans
    • Plan for Drainage
    • Execute all necessary paper work and submit to the District Mine Inspector