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Guidelines - Fan Spray Systems

  1. The plan should list the make and model of the mining machine to be used.
  2. The plan should include the minimum number of water sprays that will be operating at all times and the minimum water pressure as measured at the top right spray nozzle on the head of the machine.
  3. A drawing(s) depicting nozzle size, location, flow rate, and direction of fan sprays should be included with the plan.
  4. An exhausting system of face ventilation will be used.
  5. Line brattice or tubing will be installed to within 10 feet of the face prior to mining.
  6. Line brattice or tubing will be maintained to within 20 feet of the face, except when methane liberation requires it to be kept closer and will be maintained to a point inby the machine operators location while mining.
  7. Line brattice or tubing will be extended to whatever depth is necessary to reduce methane levels below required limits when mining operations have been completed.
  8. The fan spray system will be turned on at least 10 seconds before the cutting bits are started and remain on for approximately 10 seconds after cutting coal has ceased.
  9. The minimum quantity of air to be delivered to the inby end of the line brattice or tubing will be specified in the plan.
  10. Required methane exams shall be made 12 inches from the roof, face, and ribs with an extendable probe approved for each mine. The Pennsylvania- approved guidelines for extendable probes shall be complied with. Alternate approved methods of measuring face methane content may be used.
  11. A conspicuous reference mark will be placed on the continuous miner so the operator can determine when the maximum depth of cut has been reached (chalk marks are not acceptable).
  12. Failure to comply with any of the guidelines will result in immediate revocation of plan approval. This revocation will be issued in writing by the Bureau of Deep Mine Safety.