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Online Registration and Fee Payment Instructions

Storage tank owners may now pay annual Storage Tank registration fees and submit the below listed storage tank registration amendments online through the Department’s ePermitting application on Greenport. Follow the steps below to create a Greenport account and access the ePermitting application. Contact the Division of Storage Tanks at 717-772-5599 with any questions.

Registration amendments accepted through ePermitting:

  • - New facility registrations (existing storage tank owner)
  • - Adding tank(s)
  • - Removing/closing tank(s)
  • - Changing tank status
  • - Changing tank substance
  • - Updating facility contact information
  • - Updating tank owner information
  • - Updating site information
  • - Updating facility information

*Please note that the ePermitting system is currently unable to accept facility ownership changes. Continue to use the Storage Tanks Registration/Permitting Form for ownership changes.

  1. Create an account in the DEP Greenport if you do not currently have one. From the Greenport home page, click the “Register” button and follow the instructions for creating a Greenport account. A user guide is available to explain the steps in registering a new account, or importing an existing Greenport account into the new Keystone Login system.

  2. Complete the Electronic Filing Administrator (EFA) Registration and Security Agreement by entering a Storage Tank Registration/Permit Invoice number and agreeing to the terms provided. Click here for a quick guide to the EFA registration process.

    The EFA Registration and Security Agreement serves as your legal authorization to represent the storage tank owner in online business transactions with DEP. Once you have completed the agreement by providing your electronic signature, you will be directed to your ePermitting dashboard.

  3. Paying registration fees?
    Watch the video tutorial linked below, or reference the ePermitting Registration Renewal User’s Guide (PDF) for a tutorial on how to verify your facility information and pay registration fees in the ePermitting application. You must verify that the tank, owner, and facility information is correct before making payment. Any incorrect information must be corrected with DEP by submitting a registration amendment through ePermitting (see step 4 below), or submittal of the Storage Tanks Registration/Permitting Application Form or the Storage Tank Registration Amendment Form. Facility contact information may be updated directly through the payment section of the ePermitting system.

    Once payment is made, you will be able to view, print, and save a registration certificate for each paid facility. This registration certificate is valid through the end of the regional billing cycle.

  4. Submitting a registration amendment?
    When you reach the ePermit Dashboard, click Create Authorization -> Storage Tank Registration -> Amend Existing Facility or Initial - New Facility. You will be asked to choose the facility if amending an existing facility registration.

ePermit Dashboard

ePermit Dashboard

Once you reach the Authorization Overview screen, you can select the registration modules that you would like to submit, similar to how the paper form is currently used. Select the appropriate module(s) and click Save. You will then be able to click on the link to each section and complete your changes as needed.

As you go through each module, remember to click the Save and then Completeness Check buttons. When you click Completeness Check, the system will identify any fields that have not been completed or any documents that require uploading. Once all the modules are complete, come back to the Authorization Overview screen, make sure all the modules have a green checkmark beside them (indicating complete), and click Final Completeness Check for one last check before clicking the Submit button. You will receive an email acknowledgment of the submission to DEP.