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Installer / Inspector / Company Certification

The Pennsylvania Storage Tank and Spill Prevention Act (Act 32 of 1989) and DEP regulations established a certification program for installers and inspectors of aboveground and underground storage tanks. Only DEP certified storage tank installers and/or inspectors may install, modify, remove or inspect storage tanks.

Tank Owners and Operators

Storage tank owners should verify which activities a person is certified to conduct before employing his or her services. For example, a person certified only to conduct an underground tank removal cannot perform a tank installation.

Owners and operators are encouraged to obtain bids from several contractors. Once an inspector or tank handler is chosen, obtain a written contract that describes the work to be performed and what will happen if unplanned events occur, such as discovery of additional tanks or contaminated soil, or compliance violations, etc.

Click the link below to access a list, updated daily, of Storage Tank Certified Companies. You may search by DEP Region, County, and Certification Category. This list may be exported in a variety of formats, or to obtain a printed copy of the latest list, call the customer service unit at 1-800-42-TANKS (toll-free within PA) or 717-772-5599 (local and out-of-state).

Storage Tank Certified Companies Search

A list of Storage Tank Certified Companies and Installers/Inspectors whose certifications have been revoked can be found in this list: Revoked Certifications (PDF)

Certification Categories

DEP has established 14 different certification categories: four categories for USTs, nine categories for ASTs, and one tank lining category. Each category involves minimum levels of knowledge, experience and performance which must be demonstrated by individuals seeking certification. It is a violation of Act 32 for anyone to perform tank handling or inspection activities without certification in the proper category, unless they are working as an apprentice under the direct, on-site supervision of an appropriately certified individual. See Fact Sheet 1647, Understanding The Certification Categories (PDF) for more information.

Company Certification

Companies that employ certified individuals must also hold Storage Tanks Company Certification. The application (2630-PM-BECB0510) can be downloaded here, is available in all DEP Regional Offices, or can be obtained by contacting the Storage Tank Program's Central Office. See Fact Sheet 1573 - Storage Tank Company Certification (PDF) for more information.

Certified tank handling companies/installers, who perform tank handling activities on underground storage tanks (UST), must participate in the Tank Installers' Indemnification Program (TIIP). This program is overseen by the Department of Insurance, Underground Storage Tank Indemnification Fund (USTIF). Owners and operators of USTs should verify that the certified company/tank handler meets the TIIP requirements before the tank handling activity commences. TIIP information is available from USTIF at this link or by calling 1-800-595-9887 (PA only) or 717-787-0763.