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How Do I Become Certified?

  1. Submit to DEP an accurate and complete Application (2630-PM-BECB0506). Applications are available in all DEP Regional Offices or by contacting the Storage Tank Program's Central Office.
  2. DEP reviews the application. If the applicant meets all of the qualifications for the requested category or categories, a letter is sent to the individual stating that he or she is eligible to take the Pennsylvania Storage Tank Installer/Inspector Certification Examination. If the applicant does not meet the qualifications, the application is denied and the applicant is notified of the denial by letter.
  3. Applicants who received an eligibility notice must take the Pennsylvania Storage Tank Installer/Inspector Certification Examination. The applicant must achieve the minimum passing score for each section-Administrative Section 80 percent and Technical Section 80 percent.
  4. Upon successfully passing both sections of the examination, DEP will issue certification documents to the applicant. A person cannot perform tank handling or inspection activities without certification, unless he or she is directly supervised by an on-site, properly certified individual. Individuals who passed the IUM exam, must first receive DEP Inspector Training before conducting inspections on underground tank systems. See Fact Sheet 1612, Certification of Storage Tank Installers/Inspectors (PDF) for more information.

Click here for the Minimum Experience & Qualifications For Initial Certification (PDF).

Click here for the list of Approved Training Courses (PDF).

Study guides are available on the Certification Testing page for the Pennsylvania certification examinations.

Please refer to the new Candidate Guide (DOC) for updated references for test questions.