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Pump and Plug Program


Up to $350,000 per year may be available for the Pollution Prevention Grant Fund. Grants are issued to eligible tank owners of underground storage tanks to accomplish the following activities:

  • Pumping out and disposal of regulated product from the tank
  • Cleaning the interior of the tank
  • If the tank will be put into temporary closure, grouting the fill pipe.

This pertains to underground storage tanks regulated pursuant to Act 32 of 1989 (as amended) which have not been upgraded to comply with technical requirements of federal and state regulations.

NOTE - Grant payment information will be reported to the IRS and may be subject to taxes.

Basic Provisions:

  • Grants are issued to eligible tank owners who own six or fewer regulated underground tanks in Pennsylvania.
  • The grant shall not exceed $2,500 per tank.
  • The grant application must be submitted after all work is finished.
  • Reimbursement is retroactive to July 1, 1998. Work done prior to this date is ineligible.
  • DEP may withhold reimbursement until DEP registration fees, Underground Storage Tank Indemnification Fund (USTIF) fees, fines or violations are resolved, or for omission, falsification or submission of inaccurate information.
  • Expenses claimed in this application are subject to audit by DEP or its authorized representative.
  • DEP will process applications on a “first come, first serve” basis, until all money has been committed for each year. DEP does not guarantee the availability of reimbursement monies.

Eligible Costs:

  • 1) Pumping Regulated Product Out of the Tank. This can include equipment rental.
  • 2) Disposal of Product. This can include transportation of product to disposal facility.
  • 3) Tank Cleaning. This can include excavation to gain access to the tank for cleaning only, inerting, removing fumes, and washing the inside of the tank. If the tank will be temporarily removed from service, this can also include resealing and backfilling.
  • 4) Grouting the Fill Pipe. If the tank will be temporarily removed from service, grouting the fill pipe with a permanent material so the tank is rendered inoperable is an eligible cost. (Note: Temporary removal from service is permitted for 12 months for non-upgraded tanks. It will remain the legal and financial responsibility of the tank owner to permanently close the tank following DEP's closure regulations.)

Items Specifically Excluded From Eligible Costs:

  • Aboveground Storage Tanks.
  • Underground tanks that are not regulated (such as consumptive use heating oil tanks).
  • Costs (other than those listed under eligible costs) associated with tank removal or closure, site assessment or remediation.


The Pollution Prevention Reimbursement Grant Package (aka “Pump & Plug Program”) must be submitted electronically through the Pennsylvania Electronic Single Application system. Instructions for the use of the application system can be found here (PDF). The Itemized Expenses for Reimbursement Form, which will need to be uploaded to the application, is available in Word or PDF formats.

Customer service voice and email

717-772-5599 or in Pennsylvania, toll free: 1 800 42TANKS (1-800-428-2657)


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