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Coal Ash Beneficial Use in Mine Reclamation and Mine Drainage Remediation in Pennsylvania

Front Cover (PDF)
Forward (PDF)
Preface (PDF)
Letters of endorsement from IMCC, ACAA and environmental group

Table of Contents (PDF)
List of Figures (PDF)
List of Tables (PDF)
List of Acronyms (PDF)
Chapter 1. Overview: Coal Ash Beneficial Use and Mine Land Reclamation (PDF)
Chapter 2. Geology of the Pennsylvania Coal Regions (PDF)
Chapter 3. Engineering Practices of Ash Placement (PDF)
Chapter 4. Coal Ash Beneficial Use (Conventional Ash Placement) on Anthracite Mine Sites (PDF)
Chapter 5. Coal Ash Beneficial Use on Bituminous Mine Sites (PDF)
Chapter 6. Use of Coal Ash Cement Grouts in Abatement of Abandoned Mine Hazards and Acid Mine Drainage (PDF)
Chapter 7. The Ellengowan and Shen Penn Demonstration Projects (PDF)
Chapter 8. The Knickerbocker Demonstration Project (PDF)
Chapter 9. The Big Gorilla Demonstration Project (PDF)
Chapter 10. Soil Additives and Soil Amendments (PDF)
Chapter 11. Interpretation, Applications and Conclusions (PDF)
References (PDF)
Biographies of Authors (PDF)

Appendix for Preface: Joint Legislative Committee Report

Appendices for Chapter 5: Bituminous Mine Sites

Appendices for Chapter 8: The Knickerbocker Site

Appendices for Chapter 9: The Big Gorilla Site