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What are the office hours for the District Mining Offices?
All District Mining Offices are open between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM. Offices are closed on state holidays.

Can I review the files you maintain?
Yes, of course. The mine permit files are always available for public review. You must, however, make an appointment to see the file(s). The reasons for this are that we must review the file for confidential information (private complaints, etc.) and must have someone available to monitor your review. It is possible that you will have to make your appointment for a time before 3:00 PM to allow for the normal closing of the office.

Do you have a toll free number?
Unfortunately, No. The District Mining Offices do not have a toll-free number. There is however a 24 hour toll-free number to report environmental emergencies. That number is 1-800-541-2050.

Can I make an anonymous complaint about a mining operation?
Yes, you can. Call the District Mining Office which covers the County in which the mining operation is located and provide the information necessary to have one of our Mine Inspectors investigate the concern. You need not give your name and phone number, however, you must then realize that we have no way of responding to you personally to relate how the concern was addressed.

Where can I get more information regarding mining and its regulation?
For information that is not currently available on this web site, you can call or visit your local District Mining Office. That office can provide copies of mining laws and regulations that may assist you. Also, you can learn more about mining and its regulation by visiting one of the "Places to Go" links from this web site or checking out the Technical Guidance Documents which are Department policies developed from state regulations.

Can I get involved in watershed restoration?
Of course! It is hoped that more people like you show concern for their local environment. Click here to learn more about your Watershed. You can also contact your local District Mining Office or County Conservation District / Conservation Organization and to inquire about active watershed groups in your area.