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Brownfield Assistance and Funding

Funding Programs

This page shows you how to acquire funding to aid in the assessment and cleanup of your site and helps you find assistance to guide you through the brownfield redevelopment process.



Economic Development Assistance

Many business decisions and real estate transactions contain an environmental component, but not as the driver for the project. DEP recognizes this fact and provides economic development assistance with this in mind. Our regional project specialists can facilitate effective partnerships with local municipalities, municipal associations, economic and industrial development associations, and your business and economic development activities. Furthermore, we partner with the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED), the Governor's Office and other key state agencies and departments to provide needed information and assistance for economic development. By promoting Commonwealth policies and initiatives, this Office fosters a climate of economic growth while balancing sensitive environmental issues.

What we do:

  • Serve as a primary point of contact for economic development agencies, businesses, legislators, as well as local, regional, and other state government officials to provide information, training, and special assistance.
  • Work with new or expanding businesses to facilitate their interactions with DEP.
  • Work with DCED's Governor's Action Team to provide DEP support to businesses and communities.
  • Confer with economic development agencies and businesses on highly sensitive or controversial issues and recommend strategies for reaching resolution.
  • Participate in inter- and intra- agency special project teams addressing issues of high priority to the Secretary and the Governor.
  • Promote effective communication and collaborative problem solving for DEP staff and the regulated community.