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Forms, Checklists and Notifications

Forms, lists, and notifications are all important processes necessary to successfully complete Act 2 cleanups at a site. The following categories describe those necessary processes.

Act 2 Forms & Lists: Most of the forms and lists required for Act 2 submittals are located at this link.

NIR Submittal: The formal process for conducting remediation under Act 2 is initiated with the submission of the Notice of Intent to Remediate (NIR) to the department. The NIR, which provides basic information on the applicant and the site to be remediated, can be submitted electronically. Instructions to complete this process are provided in the link.

Final Report Summary: Final Report Summaries are to be filed with the department's Central Office, as well as with the remediated site's project manager in the appropriate regional office. Instructions to complete this process are included in this link.