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Final Report Summary

The Final Report Summary (FRS) Form has been revised and the process for electronic submission of the FRS form has been simplified.

The FRS form can now be completed as a Microsoft Word document and then simply submitted as an email attachment to Frank Nemec and the appropriate regional office contact persons. Using this simplified electronic process, the remediator does not need to log into an on-line database system.

Steps for new FRS electronic submission process

  1. Go to the link for the FRS as a Word format document on the Forms and Lists webpage.
  2. Complete the FRS document in Word format and save to your computer.
  3. Send the saved FRS form as an attachment to an email to and the appropriate regional office contact persons listed below.
  4. The following format must be used for the email subject line; FRS - site name
  5. It is important that the subject line begin with the letters "FRS" so that the DEP staff receiving the FRSs in their email account can sort them out from the other emails based on the title of the subject.

FRS Contact Persons