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NIR Submittal

Notice of Intent to Remediate

The Notice of Intent to Remediate (NIR) Form has been revised and the process for electronic submission of the NIR form has been simplified.

The NIR form can now be completed as a Word document and then simply submitted as an e-mail attachment, along with all proper notification documentation, to the appropriate regional office contact persons listed below. Using this simplified electronic process, the remediator does not need to log into an on-line database system.

Steps for new NIR electronic submission process:

  1. Go to the link for the NIR as a Word format document on the Forms and Lists web page.
  2. Complete the NIR document in Word format and save to your computer.
  3. Send the saved NIR submission form as an attachment to an e-mail along with reasonable proof of the municipal and public notifications. Examples of reasonable proof of these notifications include:
    1. a copy of the letter mailed to the municipality along with a United States Postal Service Certified Mail Receipt; and

      Note: Municipal notifications for the City of Philadelphia
      should be sent by mail to:
      Ms. Leigh Anne Rainford
      Philadelphia Department of Public Health
      Environmental Health Services
      321 University Avenue – 2nd Floor
      Philadelphia, PA 19104

    2. a copy of the proposed text of the newspaper notice and the anticipated publication date satisfies the proof of public notification.
    Proof of these notifications is required to be submitted to the appropriate regional office contact persons listed below. It is important that all notification documentation be submitted with the NIR to be considered a complete package.
  4. Use the following format for the e-mail Subject line: NIR - Site Name
    It is important that the Subject line begin with the letters "NIR" so that the regional staff receiving the NIRs in their e-mail account can sort them out from the other e-mail based on the title of the Subject.

Regional Office NIR Contact Persons

Answers to Common Questions

If I submit the NIR form by e-mail, do I still have to submit a paper copy to DEP?
No, the NIR as an e-mail attachment will fulfill the requirements for submission to DEP.

Am I required to submit the NIR form to DEP by e-mail even if I prefer to submit the NIR to DEP as a paper document?
No. You can still submit the NIR form as a paper document to the appropriate DEP regional office.

If I choose to send in a paper copy of the form, where do I get a copy?
The NIR is available on the Forms and Lists Web page.