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Conservation Law Waiver Request Process (PDF)

On August 10th, 2015, Hilcorp Energy Company submitted to DEP a permit application to drill and operate an unconventional well.  This well will penetrate the Onondaga Formation; therefore the well bore is subject to the Oil and Gas Conservation Law and the regulations at Title 25, Chapter 79 of the Pennsylvania Code.  The well bore is proposed to be constructed within 330 feet of an unleased tract of land.  Hilcorp Energy Company submitted a request to DEP to waive this setback requirement.  On September 16, 2015, DEP hosted a public hearing to accept comment regarding this request.  The following is the written transcript of this public hearing.

Transcript of Public Hearing - Hilcorp Energy Company Waiver Request 

Conservation Law Public Hearing (PDF)

Hearing officer Michael Bangs has canceled the Oct. 27 and 28 public hearing sessions and formally closed the docket on Hilcorp Energy Co.'s Application for Gas Well Spacing Units.

On Friday, Aug. 29, Hilcorp withdrew its application for a well spacing order to establish four gas well drilling units on 3,267 acres to drill into the Utica Shale Formation in Pulaski Township, Lawrence County and Shenango Township, Mercer County.

Pennsylvanians looking for more information should call 717-772-2199.

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Please Note: "Individual Dockets" contains copies of the correspondence, briefs, orders and other papers filed in Conservation Law proceedings. The documents listed in "Individual Dockets" do not constitute the official docket. The official docket is maintained by the Docket Clerk and is available for inspection and copying by the public during office hours. The Docket Clerk, Glenda Davidson, may be contacted at 717-787-4449 or

In Re. The Matter of The Application of Hilcorp Energy Company for Well Spacing Units (Docket No. 2013-01)

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