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New and revised forms for application for permits to drill and operate oil and gas wells have been posted to the DEP eLibrary. There are now separate forms for application of oil and gas well permits for conventional, unconventional and wells to be drilled in coal areas. There is an added form to describe ownership and control of companies seeking oil and gas well permits.In addition, new bonding forms that meet the requirements of the Oil and Gas Act 13 of 2012 are posted and available for use.

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Well Permitting & Drilling Applications and Forms
8000-PM-OOGM0001 Checklist for Completing an Application for a Permit to Drill, Operate or Alter an Oil or Gas Well
8000-FM-OOGM0099 Operator's General Information Form
8000-FM-OOGM0118 Oil and Gas Operator Ownership and Control Information
8000-FM-OOGM0153 Oil and Gas Operator Email Registration
8000-PM-OOGM0001a Permit Application to Drill and Operate a Conventional Well
8000-FM-OOGM0109a Affidavit Request for Conventional Well Permit Renewal
8000-PM-OOGM0001bU Permit Application to Drill and Operate an Unconventional Well
8000-PM-OOGM0109b Affidavit Request for Unconventional Well Permit Renewal
8000-PM-OOGM0001c Permit Application to Drill and Operate a Well Coal Module
8000-PM-OOGM0024 Proposed Alternate Method or Material for Casing, Plugging, Venting or Equipping a Well
8000-PM-OOGM0058 Request for Variance from Distance Restriction from Existing Building or Water Supply
8000-PM-OOGM0002 Well Location Plat
8000-FM-OOGM0004a Well Record
8000-FM-OOGM0004aU Well Record (Unconventional Operations Only)
8000-FM-OOGM0004b Completion Report
8000-FM-OOGM0004bU Completion Report (Unconventional Operations Only)
8000-FM-OOGM0132 Registration of Trade Secret/Confidential Proprietary Stimulation Fluid Chemical Information Form
8000-PM-OOGM0076 Coordination of a Well Location with Public Resources
8000-PM-OOGM0076U Coordination of a Well Location with Public Resources (Unconventional Operations Only)
8000-FM-OOGM0056 Application for Inactive Well Status
8000-FM-OOGM0123 Notification of Return of Well(s) to Active Status
5500-PM-OG0010 Application for Transfer of Well Permit or Registration
8000-FM-OOGM0023 Operators List of Well(s) Permitted but Never Drilled
8000-FM-OOGM0047 Contractual Consent of Landowner
8000-FM-OOGM0052 Notification of Surface Landowner-Water Purveyor of Well Drilling Operation or Alteration
8000-FM-OOGM0053 Landowner Notification of Well Drilling or Alterations
8000-FM-OOGM0144U Landowner Consent for Storing Drilling Supplies and Equipment (Unconventional Operations Only)
8000-FM-OOGM0101a Affidavit of Non-Delivery of Certified Mail for Conventional Well
8000-FM-OOGM0101b Affidavit of Non-Delivery of Certified Mail for Unconventional Well